The features

Dedicated to employers and managers, the VIVNESS questionnaires allow to know easily and quickly the level of satisfaction of the employees.

Turnkey survey
Simple and accessible
Unlimited number of respondents
Secure and confidential data
Evolving results

The steps of the process

  • 1

    Determine your needs

    Telephone meeting to determine the objectives of your wellness approach and to ensure that your package is well adapted to your needs.

  • 2

    Approval of the survey

    Read and approve questions and validate your segmentation needs to categorize respondents by institution, region, age, and more. 

  • 3

    Data collection

    Our team sends the questionnaire to employees, tracks the participation rate and sends a participation reminder.

  • 4

    Production of the analysis report

    Data processing and compilation by our team. Using our analysis tool, we create your report based on the results obtained.

  • 5

    Presentation of the analysis report

    A 30-minute presentation will be made via videoconference to present your results, discuss priorities and suggest solutions.

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