What is coaching?

VIVNESS offers a personalized coaching service to support you in achieving your workplace wellness objectives. For more than 10 years, we have been helping organizations of all sizes, throughout Quebec, to improve their work environment and retain their employees.

Who is the service for

Human resources managers
Members of the management team

Coaching services

Action plan

Following a data collection, our wellness specialists can help you design and implement a wellness action plan. This will ensure that the plan is realistic and achievable, but most importantly that it meets the needs of your employees.

Health and Wellness Committee

If your goal is to set up a health and wellness committee in your company, we can help you create and lead it. We can also help you create objectives and clarify the roles and responsibilities of the committee members.

Healthy Enterprise Certification

Healthy Enterprise certification requires a great deal of commitment on the part of the organization. We can accompany you through the entire process. We can, among other things, audit your various processes, documents and policies in place to measure the gap between them and the requirements of the Healthy Enterprise standard (CAN/BNQ 9700-800).

More than one advantage to being accompanied!

  • Understand and interpret the results of the questionnaire
  • Identify the priorities for your action plan
  • Make sure you make the right choices to mobilize and retain your employees
  • Develop the skills of the person responsible for the wellness approach
  • Leverage best practices and promote a better return on investment
  • Implement an effective and structured wellness process

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Get coaching and achieve your workplace wellness goals.


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