Terms of use

Terms of use

1. Acceptance of terms of use

By accessing the website or performing any other action on medial.ca, you accept and agree to abide by the terms of use governing the website.

2. Amendment to terms of use

MEDIAL undertakes to notify users, by means of the website, of any change or amendment to the terms of use. This notification will appear on the home page as a link for 30 days following the date of amendment. The amendment, addition or deletion of a provision of the policy concerning the terms of use shall be clearly marked. By continuing to use or view medial.ca, you agree to abide by the new policy. No confirmation will be requested from users following the amendment, addition or deletion of a provision of policy concerning the terms of use.


3. Copyright and trademarks

Under no circumstances shall any person modify, copy, distribute or sell any information, software, product or service obtained from medial.ca, or reproduce any work or product derived from the website’s content. The website, logo, content, and its derivatives are the exclusive property of MEDIAL.

4. Compliance with the confidentiality policy

To view and use the website, you must abide by the confidentiality policy. Policy details can be viewed by clicking here.

5. Confidentiality of user names and passwords

Users are responsible for their user name and password. MEDIAL assumes no responsibility for unauthorized use of user accounts. Users are responsible for keeping passwords secret. If you suspect that your account is being used without your knowledge, you may send a request to info@medial.ca to change your user name and password.

6. Breach of the terms of use

Any breach of any of these terms of use shall result in the severing of the relationship between you and MEDIAL. Moreover, since the website is operated and managed from offices located in Canada, you must observe the applicable Canadian laws even if you are viewing the website from another country. Any action, lawsuit or proceedings stemming from the terms of use or any other policy governing medial.ca shall be brought in Quebec City or, if there is no jurisdiction, in the Province of Quebec.

Comments and suggestions

Please email any comments or suggestions on using medial.ca to info@medial.ca.