Learning Management System (LMS)

Disseminate, train and track the progress of your employees' learning. Our learning management system (LMS) has everything you need to facilitate the management of your OHS training.

SME, large companies and associations?

It's for you!

Easily manage your employees' OHS training

The MEDIAL+ platform allows companies to limit the risk of workplace accidents, train their employees and manage their learning quickly.

Be autonomous

Make your job easier, our LMS allows you to train your employees at any time and track your training program in a few clicks.

Meet your obligations

Comply with the OHSA and the RROHS. All our training courses are eligible and accredited under the Competency Act.

Take advantage of approved training

Get access to LeCampus' catalog of training courses approved by our workers' compensation experts.

How does it work?

Purchase of integrated e-learnings training
Dissemination of training
Employee Registration
Real-time tracking of training progress
Automated reminder emails
Download progress reports

Since 2009...

  • 9290 Employers using our LMS
  • 16600 Certificates issued
  • 280395 Hours of training given

Our success.
Satisfied customers.

  • Mireille Ouellet

    Human resources advisor - Diffusion Saguenay

    I love the MEDIAL+ platform, it is easy to use. As the person in charge of OHS in my company, the reference documents and the interactive online action plan are two tools that make my daily work much easier. In addition, the available training is really relevant.

  • Antoinette Covino

    Assistant Director, Human Resources - YMCA du Québec

    I'm impressed with the ease of use and professional presentation of this platform. From the outset, I found the platform easy to navigate, enabling me to quickly find the information I needed. I'd also like to highlight the speed and efficiency of customer service. The people who work for Médial answer my questions promptly and courteously. Overall, I highly recommend this platform.

  • Neïla Hammouda

    Human Resources & Benefits Technician - YMCA du Québec

    Thanks to the entire MEDIAL team for their professionalism, availability and above all their effective advice from the very first contact. The platform is user-friendly and makes work easier. You have an overview of all your files, with an evolving action plan.

  • Kim Thibault

    Assistant Director and Educational Support - CPE Réseau Petits Pas

    The MEDIAL+ platform makes it so easy for managers to assign training to employees! As for our employees, they can literally log on from anywhere and follow their video training! It's a win-win situation for everyone! More accident prevention = less work accidents!

  • Maude Leblanc

    Human Resources Advisor - Municipalité des Îles-de-la-Madeleine

    For us, MEDIAL+ is a work tool that we use on a daily basis. Whether it's for access to a wide range of low-cost virtual training courses, or for monitoring our occupational health and safety action plan, we're very satisfied with this service. What's more, the "reference documents" section is a quick and reliable source of information!

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