Retrospective Plan

The retrospective plan allows you to adjust your financial strategy according to your company's reality and achieve substantial savings. This pricing method is exclusive to companies that pay a significant contribution to the CNESST and is closely linked to the company's occupational health and safety performance.

Large and very large companies

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Increase the profitability of your organization. Take control of your OHS contribution!

Our solution, maximize your savings and transmit our knowledge to ensure your understanding to improve your management of occupational injuries.

  • Financial management

    Benefit from a reliable, efficient and fast financial management service. Our technology and expertise allow us to maximize your savings at the CNESST.

  • 100% cost-effective advice

    With the help of our OHS professionals, you will be able to make the best medical, legal and administrative decisions.

  • OHS budget

    Control and forecast your OHS budget with our analysis of your CNESST contributions.

  • Proactive communications

    Our rigor allows us to ensure your understanding of your performance results.

Our services

  • 1

    Report on the follow-up of occupational injuries

    Useful to know the financial future of your company. The follow-up report provides an overview of the financial impact of your employment injury cases. This work tool facilitates the daily management of your occupational injuries. It allows you to plan the company's cash inflows and outflows in order to make the best financial decisions. Chaque rapport présente :

    - Projections of contributions to be paid or refunded
    - Retrospective adjustments of the CNESST assessment
    - The financial impact of work accident files and the financial costs
    - The financial performance of the OHS component over the years
    - Comparison of your performance with your industry

    To facilitate the understanding of OHS rating concepts, our reports also include the variation of costs for each injury between reports, the identification of cases whose costs may change and the graphic presentation of assessment calculations.

  • 2

    Limit selection by employment injury

    Make an informed choice of limit, according to your company profile. Our team will help you make this decision in order to minimize your financial responsibility for work-related accidents and illnesses. We offer a complete statistical analysis of your CNESST files in order to propose the best advice and to secure your company's cash flow. In order to offer you the best choice of limit per injury, our analysis is also carried out according to your type of management and the means put in place to control the costs of occupational injuries, since they have an impact on your choice of limit.

  • 3

    CNESST rate management support

    Maximize your health and safety savings! Be supported in the management of your retrospective rate. Our team evaluates the financial impact of all your OHS claims in order to offer consulting services focused on your return on investment. We can also guide you in the choice of your rate plan, such as individual or grouped retrospective rates, prevention mutuals and personalized rates. Whether or not you are familiar with the management of the retrospective rate plan, our telephone help line provides quick access to expert advice. Our team is informed of all changes in regulations and obligations, which allows us to answer all your questions.

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Satisfied customers.

  • Julie Bérubé

    Assistant Director of Financial Resources and Logistics

    The facility has been using MEDIAL's services for several years. This allows us to obtain sound advice on the handling of certain specific files. In addition, our excellent consultant, Ann-Marie, is always available to help us estimate the amounts to be paid in future years in order to have the most accurate financial statements possible. It is a pleasure to work with her!

  • Gaétan Olivier

    Health and Safety Division Manager

    MEDIAL's reports provide a good assessment of our performance as well as the current and future impacts of CNESST claims. Their staff is available and provides quick answers to our questions.

  • Danielle Côté

    Conseillère SST et RH - Alex Coulombe Ltée

    « Service rapide, proximité et disponibilité. Que du positif ! »

  • Anouk Fortin Lapointe, Directrice des ressources humaines

    Directrice des ressources humaines - Meubles South Shore

    « Nous avons grandement apprécié les services, qui nous ont permis de démystifier ce sujet et de prendre des bonnes décisions. Des bonnes réponses, et rapides en plus ! »

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