Prevention Mutual Groups

The prevention mutual is a group of companies that promotes healthy and safe workplaces for their employees. It allows for substantial savings on CNESST contributions and offers complete support in all areas of OHS.

SME, NPO, associations and large organisation?

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An innovative solution that offers you more!

MEDIAL offers human and digital resources to facilitate your OHS management and maximize your savings on CNESST contributions.

Save up to 50% on your CNESST contributions
Entrust us with the management of your work accident and occupational disease files
Manage your prevention program online
Train your employees easily and quickly
Have peace of mind, comply with OHS regulation

Support from A to Z


Access to dedicated experts and easy-to-use technology to keep you in control of your OHS files.


Proactive management, allowing us to preserve your rights, promote job retention and return to work quickly.


Substantial savings on your CNESST contributions, in line with your performance and that of your prevention mutual.

The new way to easily manage your OHS

Convenient, simple and allows for easy exchange between users. Manage all your occupational health and safety activities in one place with our new web-bases platform. MEDIAL+ is your solution for centralized OHS management

  • OHS Prevention Management

    Complete your action plan and prevention program, assign responsibilities to the various tasks, send automated reminders to employees and see the progress of completed tasks in real time.

  • OHS E-Learning Courses

    Train your employees and manage their learning quickly. Our platform allows you to deliver training at any time, track the progress of delivered training, download reports, automate reminders, and more.

  • Reference documents

    Have on hand all the reference documents approved by our prevention team, such as sample policies, procedures and forms.

  • Secure hosting

    Easily save and download your files in one place to properly manage your OHS committee.

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Pricing that matches your performance

Our pricing model is designed to encourage good performance and is based on your payroll. No performance bonus is charged on savings, which also ensures stability in your fee payments.

A contract adapted to your needs

Be free to choose the services according to your company profile.

First Class

  • Fast and unlimited access to expert occupational health and safety consulting services
  • Risk prevention services
  • Management of CNESST claim files
  • Interactive OHS prevention action plan available on our platform
  • OHS prevention management platform
  • High-caliber medical and legal services through a defense fund
  • Online OHS training

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Business class

  • Fast and unlimited access to expert occupational health and safety consulting services
  • Risk prevention services
  • Management of CNESST claim files
  • Interactive OHS prevention action plan available on our platform
  • OHS prevention management platform

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Our success.
Satisfied customers.

  • Stéphanie Feriaux and Marie-Laurence Bernier

    Human Resources Specialist

    The mutual insurance company helps us with the management of our work-related accidents. We are very grateful to have access to advice from people who are knowledgeable in this area. Thank you to Diana for her assistance with our files. MEDIAL is a real support for our day-to-day OHS management, both in terms of prevention and disability management. They give us good advice to improve our practices and our CNESST file. We have a personalized A1 service and they are always available to answer our many questions.

  • Ines Lakhal

    Human Resources Coordinator

    MEDIAL is a real partner of choice for us! We are proud to have been doing business with them for several years. MEDIAL offers us personalized support and sound advice in each of our cases. Thanks to their efficiency, their attentiveness and their rigorous follow-up, we have always been able to successfully complete our files. Thank you to the entire team and especially to our dedicated consultant, Ms. Edith Arsenault !

  • Guillaume Picard

    Conseiller en ressources humaines

    « Notre conseiller chez MEDIAL est accessible et offre un excellent service. Il répond à nos besoins et nous offre de bons outils. »

  • Lyanne Germain

    Ressources humaines

    « Les services que nous avons avec MEDIAL sont vraiment super ! Les conseillers répondent rapidement au téléphone lorsqu’on les appelle et ils sont toujours là pour nous aider. »

  • Maryse Ducharme

    Directrice générale

    « Nous apprécions notre conseiller chez MEDIAL pour ses compétences, sa rapidité ainsi que son excellente saisie de nos besoins. »

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MEDIAL analyzes your application to join one of our prevention mutuals free of charge and without obligation. This analysis will allow us to develop personalized scenarios showing you the potential savings on your CNESST contributions.


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Who can join a prevention mutual group?
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