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New CEO for the MEDIAL Group

On the eve of the company’s 30th anniversary and as the company continues to grow, MEDIAL Chairman Marcel Curodeau is pleased to announce the appointment of the new President and CEO of the MEDIAL Group.

New CEO for the MEDIAL Group

Marcel Curodeau Appoints Martin Légaré President and CEO of MEDIAL Group

Quebec City, October 6, 2022 — On the eve of the company’s 30th anniversary and as the company continues to grow, Marcel Curodeau, Chairman of the Board of MEDIAL Health & Safety Consulting Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Légaré as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MEDIAL Group.

With a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations and a graduate degree in Occupational Health and Safety, Martin has over 22 years of experience, all of which was acquired at MEDIAL. Over the years, he has served as General Manager of the Laval office, Vice President of Operations and Executive Vice President of Occupational Health and Safety.

Mr. Curodeau believes this is an excellent time to make this change, as Martin and the team have the expertise to support MEDIAL’s development and strategic planning. As a result, MEDIAL will continue to expand its services and digital shift and will continue to be a leader in the OHS field with its new MEDIAL+ platform.

“With the unwavering support of the MEDIAL family, Martin will mobilize, unite and deliver a remarkable work experience that will promote a unique expertise to our valued clients.”
Marcel Curodeau, Chairman of the Board of MEDIAL



Founded in 1993, MEDIAL offers a one-stop shop for expertise in occupational injuries, absenteeism, prevention mutuals, OHS underwriting, workplace risk prevention including a prevention management platform—MEDIAL+, online training, occupational medicine services, occupational health and wellness, and psychosocial risk assessment services. Our clients (employer associations, large corporations, SMEs, public and parapublic organizations) attest to the quality and performance of our team of experts and our online services.

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