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How to comply with the new OHS obligations

Find out how the prevention mutual service is ideal for meeting many of your new OHS obligations.

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How to comply with the new OHS obligations

Do you want to comply with your new obligations under the law modernizing the occupational health and safety system, but you’re short on time and don’t know where to start? Did you know that MEDIAL’s prevention mutual group is the ideal service to meet many of your obligations?

With the coming into force of the Act to amend the occupational health and safety plan, joining a prevention mutual group is an opportunity to benefit from all the support you need to comply with your new legislative obligations. In addition to facilitating their integration, you will benefit from multidisciplinary expertise in OHS and a collaborative platform to ensure the effective management of your prevention.

Reminder: What is a prevention mutual group?

A prevention mutual group is a group of employers committed to a prevention approach in order to reduce the risks of work accidents and occupational diseases within their organization.

Beyond the consolidation leading to lower premiums, employers benefit from a range of services to assist them in all aspects of occupational health and safety.

MEDIAL’s prevention mutual fund member services include 

  • Access to the MEDIAL+ prevention management platform to build your prevention program
  • A visit from a preventionist to help you identify and analyze the risks of work-related accidents
  • Creation of an action plan
  • Management of occupational injury files and administrative management of the prevention mutual group with the CNESST
  • Online OHS training (depending on the package options chosen)
  • A defense fund to pay for medical and legal expenses

New Services to Support the OHS Modernization Act 

With the implementation of the legislative changes, MEDIAL has also developed a variety of tools to support its members.

  • Sample policies on psychosocial risks and domestic violence
  • Specific action sheets on psychosocial risks and domestic violence
  • A questionnaire for identifying the main psychosocial risks in the workplace
  • An online training course on psychosocial risks
  • Online training on the occupational health and safety committee (to come)


In addition to complying with the law, the prevention mutual group allows you to save up to 50% on your CNESST contributions and to benefit from the support of prevention experts to advise you according to the reality of your company.

Do not hesitate to contact our team and find out how we can make your work easier.

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