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800 boul. Chomedey, Tour C, bur. 620,
Laval, QC, H7V 3Y4

Our success.
Satisfied customers.

  • Maude Leblanc

    Human Resources Advisor - Municipalité des Îles-de-la-Madeleine

    For us, MEDIAL+ is a work tool that we use on a daily basis. Whether it's for access to a wide range of low-cost virtual training courses, or for monitoring our occupational health and safety action plan, we're very satisfied with this service. What's more, the "reference documents" section is a quick and reliable source of information!

  • Neïla Hammouda

    Human Resources & Benefits Technician - YMCA du Québec

    Thanks to the entire MEDIAL team for their professionalism, availability and above all their effective advice from the very first contact. The platform is user-friendly and makes work easier. You have an overview of all your files, with an evolving action plan.

  • Antoinette Covino

    Assistant Director, Human Resources - YMCA du Québec

    I'm impressed with the ease of use and professional presentation of this platform. From the outset, I found the platform easy to navigate, enabling me to quickly find the information I needed. I'd also like to highlight the speed and efficiency of customer service. The people who work for Médial answer my questions promptly and courteously. Overall, I highly recommend this platform.

  • Kim Thibault

    Assistant Director and Educational Support - CPE Réseau Petits Pas

    The MEDIAL+ platform makes it so easy for managers to assign training to employees! As for our employees, they can literally log on from anywhere and follow their video training! It's a win-win situation for everyone! More accident prevention = less work accidents!

  • Mireille Ouellet

    Human resources advisor - Diffusion Saguenay

    I love the MEDIAL+ platform, it is easy to use. As the person in charge of OHS in my company, the reference documents and the interactive online action plan are two tools that make my daily work much easier. In addition, the available training is really relevant.

  • Ines Lakhal

    Human Resources Coordinator

    MEDIAL is a real partner of choice for us! We are proud to have been doing business with them for several years. MEDIAL offers us personalized support and sound advice in each of our cases. Thanks to their efficiency, their attentiveness and their rigorous follow-up, we have always been able to successfully complete our files. Thank you to the entire team and especially to our dedicated consultant, Ms. Edith Arsenault !

  • Stéphanie Feriaux and Marie-Laurence Bernier

    Human Resources Specialist

    The mutual insurance company helps us with the management of our work-related accidents. We are very grateful to have access to advice from people who are knowledgeable in this area. Thank you to Diana for her assistance with our files. MEDIAL is a real support for our day-to-day OHS management, both in terms of prevention and disability management. They give us good advice to improve our practices and our CNESST file. We have a personalized A1 service and they are always available to answer our many questions.

  • Christine Corbin

    Executive Assistant

    Your expertise in the area of health and safety has provided us with valuable information that has allowed us to grow and advance our goals in this area. The quality of work and talent demonstrated by your workers always exceeds the expectations of our organization. We thank you for your involvement and the availability that your team shows when we contact them! A special mention to Mrs. Lainesse-Frigon, Mr. Philippe Couette, Mrs. Veillette as well as Mr. Marc-Antoine Blais who offer us an excellent service and who put their skills to good use in order to lead us in health and safety.

  • Julie Bérubé

    Assistant Director of Financial Resources and Logistics

    The facility has been using MEDIAL's services for several years. This allows us to obtain sound advice on the handling of certain specific files. In addition, our excellent consultant, Ann-Marie, is always available to help us estimate the amounts to be paid in future years in order to have the most accurate financial statements possible. It is a pleasure to work with her!

  • Gaétan Olivier

    Health and Safety Division Manager

    MEDIAL's reports provide a good assessment of our performance as well as the current and future impacts of CNESST claims. Their staff is available and provides quick answers to our questions.

  • Julie Bélanger

    Senior Partner - Occupational Health and Safety

    Since 2018, we have enjoyed working with the MEDIAL team. Their service is courteous, efficient and professional, both in the administrative medical management of our cases and in prevention. Thank you for contributing to the Health and Safety of our employees!

  • Andrée-Anne Falardeau

    Human Resources Consultant

    At all times and in all circumstances, I feel supported by MEDIAL. I have been working with the same Disability Management Consultant for several years and a relationship of trust has developed. MEDIAL is undeniably an exceptional support for me, and for Desgagnés.

  • Gilbert Breton

    Public works project manager

    I am very satisfied with the technical support and all the help provided in relation to the work done for OHS prevention. The explanatory meetings are very useful and well presented, and the call returns are quick. The documents produced are easy to understand, well put together and we know that they meet the standards required by the CNESST.

  • Claude Lemay

    Director of Operations and Human Resources

    As the person responsible for the OHS files of our ambulance service organization, I am proud to share that we have been a client of MEDIAL since 1998. Since the beginning of our business relationship, I can only emphasize the excellent work of the entire team, the professionalism, the courtesy, the availability and obviously the expertise. I hope to continue our collaboration for years to come with the assurance of receiving quality professional services as I have since the beginning.

  • Caroline Filion

    Human Resources Coordinator

    We have been working with MEDIAL for over two decades. There is a relationship of trust that has been built over time, both in the advice we receive and in the organization of our cases. No matter how complex the case, there is no challenge too great for their advisors. Opting for MEDIAL is simply opting for unparalleled quality of service!

  • Julie Lastufka

    Human resources and payroll technician

    The professional service offered by MEDIAL OHS Consulting Services is a great help in our daily lives. The follow-up of our files is kept up to date by a committed and available consultant. Their competence and the transparency of their service allow us to make fair and informed decisions. We are satisfied customers.

  • Aurélie Brisebois

    Senior Human Resources Advisor

    It is a pleasure to work with Julie Boucher in the management of our CNESST files, and has been for many years. She is always attentive to our needs, professional and judicious in her advice.

  • Kaven Gingras et Myriam Babin

    Human Resources Consultants

    We appreciate the frankness, speed and quality of advice we receive on a regular basis from the MEDIAL team.

  • Sarah Bourget

    OHS Manager and Communications

    MEDIAL's contribution to the management of our health and safety files is for us a guarantee of quality and efficiency. The entire MEDIAL team (and in particular Mireille) accompanies us through all of the medico-administrative and legislative procedures with competence, benevolence and proactivity. The monitoring of our files is rigorous, our questions are answered promptly, and the recommendations made are judicious and allow us to make a fair and detailed analysis of the issues related to our CNESST files. Our collaboration with the MEDIAL team is invaluable, both professionally and personally, and our days would not be the same without the dynamic team at MEDIAL. Thank you for your support!

  • Frédérick Simoneau

    Chief - Health and Safety

    Rigorous file management, comprehensive representation, recommendations and actions in line with the client's objectives!

  • Mélanie Lapierre

    Director of Public Works

    We get impeccable service with MEDIAL for occupational health and safety management. The employees are attentive, available and caring in order to offer us a quality service that is personalized to our needs.

  • Marie Rodrigue

    Senior Director Human Resources

    The collaboration with MEDIAL's professionals is an undeniable asset for our company. Their accessibility, their experience and especially their very human approach to case management make a significant difference for us.