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OHS Prevention: How to create an action plan?

With the numerous risks of accidents, employers are obliged to put in place prevention mechanisms. In order to ensure a safe work environment, the development of an action plan is an essential tool for organizations.

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Management of work-related accidents outside Quebec

In Quebec, the employer is often under the impression that the treating physician is king and in control of the outcome of the case, policies and philosophies differ in other provinces. Discover the notable distinctions between Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Thermal Stress: Working Safely in the Cold

Learn about the dangers of cold work for your employees and the importance of employer awareness.

Occupational injuries and telework, what the case law says

In two decisions rendered at the end of 2021 by the Administrative Labour Tribunal, the Court confirmed that accidents suffered by workers are acceptable, even if they occurred before the legislator specifically included the concept of telework in the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases.

How to prevent accidents on the ice in winter

Heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet or even significant temperature variation are all conditions that increase the risk of falling.

Understanding and identifying psychosocial risks at work

Now included in the workplace analysis, psychosocial risks are an integral part of the occupational health and safety management processes in place at employers.

Bien encadrer le télétravail pour maximiser votre productivité

Après plus d’un an à opérer à distance, même les employeurs les plus réticents à ce mode de travail ont constaté qu’il est possible de jumeler la productivité organisationnelle et la conciliation entre le travail et la vie personnelle de leurs employés.

Patience is effectiveness

MEDIAL's founder, Mr. Marcel Curodeau, explains the importance of being patient as an entrepreneur to acheived your long term goals.

MEDIAL, winner of the National Bank 2015 gold SME award

MEDIAL received the National Bank 2015 Gold SME awards. This Gala highlight the excellence of local businesses, celebrates the dynamism and know-how of leaders who have distinguished themselves among their peers and contributed to the collective wealth of Quebec.